Imagine walking into your bathroom and finding a squirrel swimming in your toilet.  That's what an Edmond, Oklahoma woman found yesterday.

What to do?  She called 911 and reported an intruder.  When Officer Derek Kennedy arrived he assessed the situation and called for backup.

After about five minutes the team of police officers were able to not only catch the intruder but managed to get the rescue on cell phone 

The good news is the squirrel was alive and well -- just wet from head to tail.  The officers released the squirrel in a nearby park and I imagine he scurried away up a tree.  Good squirrel.

Note: My brother experienced a similar situation when when he was around 9 yrs old, finding our pet squirrel Skippy after we returned from Sunday mass . I'll never forget him walking out from the bathroom holding him with his pants down! Skippy survived too.

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