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Sunny Seville, Spain, is now the home of one of the
largest wooden structures in the world. Inspired by
the vaults of the city's cathedral, the Metropol Parasol
not only provides shade, it also houses restaurants,
bars, a museum, a farmer's market, a sky deck, and
an elevated plaza. Completed earlier this year, the
hope is that it will revitalize a part of the ancient city
that was formerly used as a parking lot. Like many
endeavors on this scale (Chicago's Millenium Park
comes to mind), it's caused its share of controversy,
with locals either loving or hating it. To the
nay-sayers, I say that it's already there and it ain't
going away so suck it up, bitches! Remember, in
the 19th century there were plenty in Paris who
thought the Eiffel Tower was a big mistake. And
where are they now? That's right: dead.

More about it here and here. See more by the
architect here.

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