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 Tesla produces a full range of electric cars, from sports cars to mass-market vehicles. It is currently the only U.S. automaker that builds and sells highway-capable EVs in serial production. Palo Alto, California-based Tesla designs and manufactures EVs and EV powertrain components. Tesla has delivered more than 1,600 Roadsters to customers in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region. Model S, the first premium sedan to be built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, goes on the market in mid-2012. 

Tesla 1,600 Roadsters have collectively driven more than 11 million real-world electric miles. 

Tesla Motors is named after electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla. The Tesla Roadster uses an AC motor descended directly from Tesla's original 1882 design, which he said came to him in a feverish hallucination due to exhaustion when he was working as an engineer and inventor in Austria-Hungary. 

The Tesla Roadster, their first vehicle, is the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production EV with a range greater than 200 miles per charge. 

The base model accelerates 0–60 mph in 3.9 seconds and, according to Tesla Motor's environmental analysis, is twice as energy efficient as the Toyota Prius. As of June 30 2011, Tesla had delivered more than 1,840 Roadsters in at least 30 countries. Tesla has said that it will produce a total serial production run of 2,400 Roadsters. Tesla began producing right-hand-drive Roadsters in early 2010 for the UK and Ireland markets, then expanded sales to right-hand-drive markets of Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

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