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1954 Ford FX-Atmos
This futuristic Ford, the FX-Atmos, caused a stir at the 1954 Chicago Auto Show. According to the vice-president of Ford, its purpose was to "represent one of the many avenues which styling could take into the future". This far fetched concept car had rocket inspired styling, and Ford even envisaged nuclear power for the concept. 
The car was controlled by two joysticks on either side of the driver. 
One point, the highly unfriendly foot long spikes protruding from each aircraft like air intake would have skewered any pedestrians unfortunate enough to get in the ATMOS's way.

ONE of the wildest “dream” cars ever to roll out of a Michigan experimental laboratory is the creature shown above, the FX-Atmos—built by Ford and backed up by the determination that “it shall never be built for sale.” This, say the engineers, is purely a “car of the future,” however
it represents styling concepts that could easily appear in the Fords of a few years from now, if the general public accepts them. The engine design and other mechanical factors were not included in this project.

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