Greenpeace is claiming victory after Mattel announced it will stop wrapping Barbie dolls in environmentally-damaging packaging.
The toy giant will ditch ties with controversial paper company Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), a pulp and paper firm that allegedly destroys Indonesian rainforests, including the habitat of the endangered Sumatran tiger, notes Greenpeace.
"The rainforests of Indonesia should be for species like the Sumatran tiger, not for throw-away toy packaging. That’s why it is such good news that Mattel has developed a new paper buying policy," said Bustar Maitar, head of Greenpeace’s campaign in Indonesia.
Mattel has also adopted Sustainable Sourcing Principles. "By 2015 our goal is to have 85% of our packing be made from recycled material or certified fiber," said Kathleen Shaver, Mattel's Corporate Responsibility Director in a video statement.

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