Title: Prick

Year: 2011
Duration: 3'00"
Type: Video Art / Political Activism

Poem by: Ed Madden
Music By: Max Simon
Saint Sebastian: Anthony Bellapigna
Camera, Photography and Editing: Stokes Piercy 
Conceived and Directed by: Santiago Echeverry

Experimental and Political video art piece based on the poem Prick by Ed Madden, that uses the image of Saint Sebastian to explore the attacks of the Conservatives on the LGBT community. The word prick acquires a deeper definition especially when teenagers commit suicide after nasty words are being thrown at them like arrows. But like Sebastian, who actually survived his ordeal, things will get better when we expose and deal with these pricks for what they are: bigots.


Where the arrow goes matters,
like the x that marks the spot,
the mark on the map that says

you’re here (or not), the GPS
blue spot. If the arrow pierced
a heart, it’d be hard to tell

the normal and the queer apart,
so the right can only think
about the other parts—the pricks

in suits, little flags affixed
on coat lapels, Bibles holstered,
locked and loaded, equipped with scripture,

pins to stick and fix us—quick, boys,
pin the tag on the faggot—
not for who he is or loves,

but for what he does with what he has.

Ed Madden, ©2011

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