The Mobile Garden is perfect for portable gardens, and is raised enough for airflow underneath the planter, which helps prevent moisture damage or discoloration underneath.
The Elevated Garden is a year-round interior or exterior garden solution with an elevated design that is comfortable and ergonomic.
The Elevated Garden in also available in this very smart Graphite
The Classic Garden is a sturdy, molded polyethylene container that has two integral 0.5” NPT water ports.You can hook up a hose to the drainage port so as to direct excess water to another location.

Eserro creates innovative and environmentally considerate gardening products. Their latest is the Garden365 lineGet Out! Garden365 by Eserro, which is ideal for urban dwellers who want to garden but lack the space. Available for purchase on AmazonGet Out! Garden365 by Eserro.
The line includes three configurations: Mobile Garden, Classic Garden, and Elevated Garden.

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